Ind Study Step 2: What do you need to know?

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I wanted to know more about women’s inequality, how artists were fighting for justice through their art, the message behind their artworks, what stands for, and how it affects the movements. In this project, I would explore more into detail from different websites and sources. To be successful, I will put more effort and do more research as possible and understand more about the topic.

Blog Post 14: Final reflection

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Show that you have learned: Choose three posts/reading responses that you have done that were most important or impactful to you. What about them or the week’s topic was most important to your understanding of feminism, or the world more generally? Has your definition of feminism changed? If so, how?

Blog posts that were important to me were blog post 13, blog post 12, and blog post 9. Those were important to me because I have a chance to read Toni Morrison’s book and making critical analysis from class reading. This helps me explore and learn more about feminism and the history involving racism, discrimination, and injustice. Understand and realize what women have been through back in the day was incredible to me. It was sad to see how’s women were being treated differently because of their gender. This course has open-minded me more about feminism history, how it has changed over time and teaches me to respect what we have accomplished now and appreciated women even more.

Blog Post 13: Toni Morrison week

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Book Report—tell us about the Morrison book you read. Give us plot details and major characters, but also a spoiler alert if necessary. Draw connections between Morrison’s essay Playing in the Dark and the book you read.

`In the book, The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison, the story starts with two nine-year-old Claudia, and ten-year-old Frieda MacTeer lives in Ohio. The story’s setting is at the end of the depression, where their parents were more concerned about money than buying everything that their children want. Her dad was also an alcoholic, and her women didn’t care about them. Pecola was admired at Shirley Temple, she believes that if she has white skin and blue eyes, then everyone would love her, and she considers herself as ugly. The plot of The Bluest Eye is focusing on the problems with racism that happen to people of color.
The connections between The Bluest Eye and Playing in the Dark is that both described their character horrific memories and experience, and how discrimination and past experience affect them throughout their life.

Blog Post 12: Material Feminisms

Material feminism

What is material feminism and what does it offer that we haven’t yet seen? (use the texts and your annotation from hypothesis as an example)

Material feminism means putting an expectation of a certain gender should act and talk everyday life in a society. For example from the text, the author discuss about how society stereotype women to be working at home, perceive them as less than man. Material feminism is to understand women oppression, fight for their justice to be free like everyone.

Blog Post 11: Judith Butler

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Judith Butler talking about the fundamental part that we drive us as a genders and personality. He believe gender is like a law that can’t be alter. Gender performance is something you can’t described in our daily life. Gender to be performance means that femininity and masculinity performed on the culture basis.

 An example of performing gender from my experience is that gender is natural as I grew up, I learn and perform and become naturalize over time of the idea being a male.

Blog Post 10: The Culture Wars

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Culture war is war between different opinions oppose within the topic Varying thoughts regarding certain themes, issues, or objectives can cause social wars. Culture war was one of the problem that really stoping women from fighting for justice. In Leslie Heywood’s, one of the quote that help me find an appropriate definition is when the author states, “girls who want to be boys,  boys who want  to  be girls,  boys and girls  who  insist  they  are  both,  whites  who  want  to  be  black,  blacks who  want  to  or  refuse  to  be white,  people  who  are white  and  black, gay and  straight,  masculine and  feminine, or  who  are finding ways  tobe  and  name  none  of  the  above.”

Blog Post 9: Disidentifications

Disidentify means not identify with something. For example, I’m Vietnamese and Chinese, and I was born and raised in Vietnam, both of my parents are mixed. When I was living there a few years ago, many people would disidentify or not consider that I’m Vietnamese just because I’m half Chinese. I remember going to school, and my friends always asked if I’m Vietnamese. If I tell them I was mixed, I will get bully.

Blog Post 7: Hypothes.is how to

1)Sign up for an Hypothesis account

All you need to do is sign up an Hypothesis account with your email before using

2)Get the Chrome Extension

This allowing you easier to annotate

3)Annotate your reading

Open the reading and highlight the important words that you want to annotate

Then write your annotation by clicking the “New Note” button

Enter your text and publish your annotation

4)Annotate as a group

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