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To disidentify with something means to dissociate or reject affiliation with it. It can even mean having a neutral stance on the topic at hand. This can be anything from political views, religion, and ethnicity, to name a few. Many times I have disidentified against my physical existence. I often place my consciousness on the spiritual element of my being, rather than the mortal and short-lived.

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  1. My definition for ‘Disidentification’ is kind of similar to your one. So, this is just mainly the concept of disappearance of an individuals’ real social identifications in the digital world. I like you example of ‘physical existence’ which is really connected with the term ‘disidentification’

  2. I feel like this definition closely relates to the one that I offered. It really breaks down the broad definition that disidentification can have. I also like that it mentions the state of neutrality that can be adopted while also disidentifying with something further driving home the point that to disidentify with something is not to dislike or downplay it in any way. The concept simply does not align with your ideals, which is okay.

  3. I also agree with Lynnia B statement and would like to add on . You truly described what disidentifcation truly is and you managed to explain it to a T in a simple way . Although I had a more generic definition we can agree that disindentification it is something we choose not to understand

  4. I agree with this definition. In my post I also described this term as a moving away from something one used to identify as. I used a quote from the passage that said the main character was disidentifing with the toxic stereotypes that the word lesbian has.

  5. I have not thought of disidentification in a spiritual sense being disassociated with the physical ( mortal ) sense but placing one’s existence within the spiritual element. I has associated this with the concept of time and what we make of it. Placing ones existence in spirit , would a sense of time be affected. Also, this raises the question of; if physically dead and having placed existence in the spirit would one still be considered still living?

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