5 Replies to “Gender Trouble – Judith Butler”

  1. I never heard of Judith Butler before but your presentation taught me a lot about her and what her book is about. The video was really helpful with breaking down her information. This was a excellent presentation.

  2. You cited quotes from certain parts of the book and keep through showing the order of the book with the what each part meaning. I like your connection with gender trouble, feminism you made. Responding to your question 1, I would say that Judith Butler did claim that gender is a performance. According to Butler’s theory, sexual orientation is basically a performative repetition of acts related with male or female. Consistently with her acknowledgment of the body as a historical idea, she proposes that our idea of sex is viewed as characteristic or natural in light of the fact that the body turns into its sex through a progression of acts which are reestablished, and merged through time.

  3. Really informative and well put together presentation! Judith Butler’s belief on gender being performative was explained in a really detailed way.

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