6 Replies to “Judith Butler Presentation By Ramy Mohamed”

  1. This is really a great presentation including the format, being specific about the author and the book. I like how you took out some important quotes from the book and discuss its meaning and significance. Really to the point!

  2. This was a really well organized presentation! As for your fourth question, I think a lot of people have trouble differentiating between gender and sex because society implements roles on people’s sexes. Gender is a social construct and the world tends to put each sex in a gender box.

  3. Ramy, per our conversation today, this is a good example of a presentation and hits all the notes I would want in one. Thanks!

  4. I love the lay out of this presentation. Judith Butler is one of my favorites. She offers new concepts that are not very common. To your first question, I do think gender is a performance. I did not see it as such before, but after gaining Butler’s insight, I do agree that it is. To answer your second question, language is very important and should continue to be a topic that feminists focuses on because it is a determining factor when it comes to the representation of women. Great Job!

  5. I really liked the layout of this presentation, as it drew me in with the visuals and valid points you made. I think you chose really great quotes to help me accurately understand the significance of the book. It also was super detailed and the effort you put into this really showed through!

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