6 Replies to “Toni Morrison Presentation By Ramy Mohamed”

  1. Hi Ramy, your presentation is really well organized and very thoughtful. When I read your first slide of the presentation it attracted me to know more. I got the main idea of the book just by your brief presentation. I know that Africanism means something that is characteristics of African culture or tradition. I get the touch of this term in your presentation too.

  2. Great post, caught my attention right away with the story. Even the title, “Disturbing Nurses and the Kindness of Sharks” was very clever. I think its important that she kept a neutral stance because it would allow a larger audience to digest her readings, but also keep her message of how Black people are portrayed, treated and affected by White people.

  3. Great visuals on this presentation Ramy! When I got to look through the presentation I found that the information was very clear and concise. I feel like sometimes it can get kind of hard to select relevant information when gathering info (personally) but, this felt super balanced. Enjoyed it!

  4. This presentation was filled with knowledge that I didn’t know about Toni Morrison. Your presentation helped me understand what she stood for and what she accomplished in her life. I’ve always wanted to know more about her and your presentation was amazing at helping me learn.

  5. I first learned about Toni Morrison about a year ago, and she is very inspiring. Your presentation was fantastic, very informational. Your presentation gave me more knowledge on Morrison that I did not know before. It was well structured and engaging.

  6. I particularly enjoyed going through your presentation because I felt engaged with the visuals and the organization of the whole thing. You evidently did a lot of research about Morrison as an author and I really valued getting to know things I didn’t get from my own research about her!

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