Course Schedule and Assignment Due Dates

Revised March 23, 2020

Please follow this course schedule:

 Date Topic (see course site for reading) Posts are due the day they are listed here! Comments Due
Mar 23 Check in and begin online class format Blog Post 5 (Due March 30): How are you doing? How are you getting by and staying busy, or at least not bored out of your mind? Please share as much or as little as you’d like, and if you need me to know that you don’t want to post, you can email me.

Blog post 6 (Due Mar 30): Oral History about the women’s liberation movement and intersections with civil rights

Mar 25 Women of Color Feminism and its legacies Blog Post 7: How to use hypothesis to annotate a text  
Mar 30 Women of Color Feminism and its legacies Blog Post 8: This Bridge Called My Back: Choose a passage from TBCMB, highlight it in hypothesis and explain what it is that you cited and why it is important to the larger text Comment on another post that dealt with a different reading
Apr 1 Disidentifications & Culture Wars and Third Wave Blog Post 9: What does it mean to disidentify with something? Can you identify a time in your life when you disidentified with something you encountered? (note a passage in hypothesis with a definition and explain what you think Muñoz means in your post) Comment on someone else’s Post 9. Does their definition align with yours?
Apr 6 Judith Butler Week! Blog Post 10: What are the culture wars, and what do they have to do with feminism? (Use the Faludi and Heywood readings to find an appropriate definition—whose definition are you using?) Comment on a colleague’s post—does their take on the culture wars make sense to you?
Apr 7 Con’t — This Tuesday is a CUNY Wednesday Blog Post 11: What is Judith Butler talking about?: What does it mean for gender to be a performance? Can you think of an example of performing gender (from personal experience or in the culture at large?)  
Apr 15 Meet to discuss Butler, Muñoz & TBCMB 3pm in our virtual classroom (see link on menu)  
Apr 20 Material Feminisms    
Apr 22 Con’t Blog Post 12: What is material feminism and what does it offer that we haven’t yet seen? Comment on someone’s post mentioning something you hadn’t thought of. What is it and how did it expand your thinking?
Apr 27 Toni Morrison Week    
Apr 29 Present on your own Morrison text Blog Post 13: Book Report—tell us about the Morrison book you read. Give us plot details and major characters, but also a spoiler alert if necessary. Draw connections between Morrison’s essay Playing in the Dark and the book you read. Comment on the post of someone who read a different book than you. How is it similar or different (from what you can tell) to your book.
May 4 Space & Place    
May 6 Feminist geographies Blog Post 14: Show that you have learned: Choose three posts/reading responses that you have done that were most important or impactful to you. What about them or the week’s topic was  most important to your understanding of feminism, or the world more generally?  
May 11 Fine tuning independent study projects    
May 13 Last Day of class    
May 18 Final Day Independent Study Due