Presentation guidelines and expectations

Updated March 24

For the remainder of the semester, you should comment on at least six different presentations, which will be posted under the presentations category.

Presentations should now (As of March 24) be 1) a short explanatory video (you could make an animation of your presentation with voiceover or a video like you see on if you would like) OR 2) a short essay that explains what you would say in a presentation (think of this as the “text” that you might have read to give your presentation accompanied by your presentation slides (ppt or google slides). Please be sure that you categorize your presentation with the appropriate “Presentations” category.

Presentations (either slides or a short video) should have:

  • A photo of the author 
  • Brief biography and important details about their life (this will vary person to person but may include where they are from, where they were educated, where they worked or taught, things they advocated for, and any other meaningful life event or social connection) 
  • An outline of the text you plan to cover (how is it structured? What do the beginning, middle, and end sections say and how does that impact the argument?) In other words, what is the article talking about? 
  • Main points or arguments 
  • Three quotes from the text with a question for discussion