Week of May 4: Conferences and Toni Morrison

Hi all,
Just a reminder that I’m doing individual conferences this week. Come to the classroom and I’ll let you in: https://meet.google.com/kar-veuv-zot

If you are wondering what you signed up for, you can check it on the doodle: https://doodle.com/poll/bib9hhzwzcqz2yqc. If you haven’t yet signed up, please do so if you see a spot that works for you. If none of the times work, please let me know and I’ll find a time that works.

Lastly, please do read a book by Toni Morrison, and read the selection from Playing in the Dark. We will talk about Morrison on Wednesday. Her work might be the most important and satisfying that we’ll cover this term.

Stay well and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone individually this week. See you Wednesday at 3!

Take care,

Conferences, comments and other things that start with c…

Hi All,
Please sign up for a conference time with me! We’ll go over your progress in class and anything else you want to talk about. You can choose from days this week or next week. Use this doodle poll >> https://doodle.com/poll/bib9hhzwzcqz2yqc

I’m sorry that I think I forgot to tell you about this, but I changed the bottom items on the course site to make things easier to find. I’ve attached a library search box that will allow you to search for info about your independent study from the cuny library system at the bottom left, and at the bottom right, I’ve included a drop down of posts by category so that you can find posts to comment on more easily. I apologize that it isn’t as easy as it could be up until now. I’ve attached a screenshot, too.

Thanks and keep on keepin’ on,

Week of April 27 update – You are doing a great job

Hi all,
As I work on a schedule for one on one conferences and progress reports, I found myself amazed by your tenacity and continued good work on the course site. You are killing it! Keep up the good work.

Look out for an email with a doodle poll–please fill it out for a time to chat with me privately. I’ll send/share your progress reports soon.

Keep doing the check ins–it is helpful for me to see where you are and how you are feeling/doing, and I hope it is helpful for you to have an opportunity to reflect and self-assess.

Don’t forget to keep up with your independent study–this week you should have posted an argument or particular statement that you have noticed that is supported by your research. Think: For this project, I argue for _______ as it relates to women/gender/sexuality studies (whichever is appropriate, which is supported by evidence from __________.

I know it sounds super cheesy and hollow, but I mean it: you all inspire me. In general, yes, but also to be better about my own work and research and get more if it done. Thank you.

Take care and see you soon,

Apr 22: Class today and updates

Hi all,
Just a reminder that I’ll be hosting a virtual meeting of class today at 3pm. Here’s the link to the “classroom”: https://bit.ly/WGS-Shaw-20

Please–if you can–try to submit a question about the reading. I’ll maybe open up a google doc for some group work. I’ll also go over independent study/final project details. I’ll be fielding questions about Judith Butler, This Bridge…, and Disidentfications. We’ll do Toni Morrison next week.

An announcement: Based on discussion last week, I am waiving the 10% penalty for any late work for the semester. So, although it’s great when things are handed in on time (so we have something to talk abut and that you can work from for our discussions), don’t stress too much about deadlines. Focus on staying sane in these wacky times, and just try to get the work in sooner rather than later (no later than May 13).

See you at 3pm! If you want to meet with me more privately before or after, I would welcome that. Just let me know. I’ll be scheduling check-ins and conferences over the next week or two.

Don’t forget to do your weekly check in! It helps me know where you are and how I can help you.

Take care,

Weekly check-in (Due every Friday)

Weekly check-in

Please fill out this form by noon each Friday to let me know what you've been able to accomplish and how I can help you from week to week.

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Week of March 23

Hello everyone!

Lots to do! A couple of logistical pieces

We have a virtual classroom: https://bit.ly/WGS-Shaw-20. I would like for us to meet to check in for the first time around 3pm on Wednesday, March 25. I’ll have the room open often, and if you’d like to speak to me and want to schedule an appointment, just email. For more formal conferences, I’ll send out a scheduling poll.

Don’t forget to join our hypothesis group: https://hypothes.is/groups/z3grRGrg/wgs-1001-spring-2020

A note to say that from now on out, for better for worse, the course and its content (as well as your engagement with that content) are almost entirely up to you. Having teleconference classes isn’t just challenging for what we need (discussion) but also almost impossible for some of you–and if not everyone can do it, then it isn’t fair to try to make everyone to it at all.

  1. I will be hosting online office hours at time yet to be determined. I would like for all of you to check in with me (in groups or at individual times) at least once per week.
  2. I will update your assignments and blog posts. We will still have presentations, but they will be short papers or videos (your choice) and each of you must comment on a different presentation at least 4 times (there are about 8 weeks left in the term) , citing at least one thing that you thought interesting or thought provoking (or you can answer the question posted by the presentation).
  3. For each weekly reading, I’ll ask you to use hypothesis to highlight a passage in the reading (posted on the course site). For other readings not on the course site, please take a photo or screenshot with your annotations. Tell the class what you think this passage says and why it’s important.
  4. Your final projects will take an increased portion of your time and effort, since we won’t have the luxury of meeting in person to do group class things.
  5. I will be posting an alternate schedule on the course site today, with assignments due starting Wednesday March 25.

Thanks to you all for going with the flow on this. I realize it is far from easy or smooth. I hope you are all feeling okay, and have enough things to keep you busy for now. Please try to stay home and, if you go out, maintain social distance of at least 6 feet away from anyone who you don’t live with. If you are feeling poorly, please do stay indoors and rest up–if you have a fever, you shouldn’t go out until you haven’t had a fever (your fever has ‘broken’, or gone away) for three days.

Be well and more soon!


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    This survey counts as part of attendance/course participation for our class.
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    Tell me what you would like to do or have as an assignment. I will take your answers seriously.
  • (Be creative–now’s your chance to literally decide what you will be doing for this class!)
    I could meet virtually for this class for up to ______ minutes on a Monday or Wednesday (during assigned class time 215-330pm).