Independent study


Hi guys, this is my final project. I chose to create a visual representation of all of the body positive campaigns there are on social media. In my statement (which I have attached in pdf form), I discuss the various campaign hashtags I see on instagram, tik tok, twitter and snapchat. I also discuss the correlation between idealizing womens bodies on social media and the development of eating disorders among women of all ages. This painting has letters that spell “LOVE U FIRST” hidden in it. The representation of the women that I have put in the center of the “O” has the word “first” written in her stomach. I chose to write the word “first” in the women’s body because a women should focus on self love and constantly tell herself to “love yourself first”. She is in the center of the letter “O” because it looks like a loop and this women is in the loop of poor body image and the never ending cycle any type of eating disorder can feel like. She looks like she is purging and her hair is attached to the eating disorder symbol because she will always have an eating disorder whether she is recovered or not. I chose to make the background white because it represents perfection and that is what idealizing women’s bodies causes them to want.