A Different Future

If a feminist and anti-racist activism succeeded and we live in a more egalitarian and less oppressive world, I would wake up to the birds singing. I would wake up even more gleeful to start in a world that I know if for me and not against me. I would be more optimistic and feel safer and so would many other people. My mornings would be normal, but I would wake up praying for it to never end. In this ideal world, I would not take anything for granted, knowing how much sacrifices and struggles it took to get to this state. I would imagine it being a world similar to how it was before Eve ate the apple-blind to our flaws and content with each other. Peaceful. My brother could go about his day without fearing for his life because of his race. My mom would no longer seek to shelter her only daughter. I would be more willing to experience new things.

My average day would consist of going to class with more hope and being able to focus and work harder without having to worry or stress over these social issues. CUNY would offer more intense and confrontational classes on these issues. However, these issues might be eliminated systematically, but it is hard to remove it mentally. I would still come home being annoyed about the ignorant minds, but I will feel better knowing that it cannot extend beyond their thoughts.

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