Independent Study: Step 1 & 2

  • I need to know more about how women are being portrait in the media. In order to discuss my subject I need to know how this is making the women feel and react. This subject concern the events of today since the media is bigger than it was before and women are the ones more affected by the stereotypes. Social media and tv plays a big role in how the women are being treated and hoe they look at themselves. In my project I would need to discuss more about how women are view through the years.
  • Over the years the media has changed helping people stay connected and informed but there’s other problems that come with it. One of the problems is that it makes people insecure for example women are always portrait as sexual objects. The women that are shown in the media always look good making the other women watching it feel insecure about themselves. They believe that a women should always look perfect.

Annotated Bibliography- The media and Body Image

Cumberledge, Heather. “The Representation of Women in Media Needs to Change.” The Arizona State Press, 19 Oct. 2017,

This article is about gender representation in the media and how it makes people create assumptions about women like them being weaker than men and always having to do domestic roles. This article relates to my topic because it explains one of the effects that women representation in media has. This article offers reasons why the audiences should be shown a different part of the women like how strong and brave they are.

Aloisi, Fabiana. “Women and Social Media: Does Facebook Influence Perceptions of the Female Body?” Family And Media, 29 Nov. 2017,

This article is about a study that was conducted with young girls about how social media affects the way they see themselves. This article relates to my topic because it would back up my point about social media making young girls insecure of their body image. This article provides good reasons as to why the stereotypes should change. 

R, Sasha. “Feminist Media: Why We Need More Women Taking the Lead on-Screen.”, 27 July 2019,

This article is about how womens should be represented in a more positive way because young girls need more role models. This article is relevant to my topic because it shows that women and men are not represented in the same way. It offers very good points on why women should have a positive image in the media.

“Social Media Is Distorting the Representation of Women in Africa. Here’s What Can Be Done about It.” Nieman Lab,

This article talks about media in African and how as there is more technology women are still seen as sex objects. This article is relevant to my topic because it would help me discuss one of the ways the image of women in the media could be changed.

Hogue, Jacqueline V, and Jennifer S Mills. “The Effects of Active Social Media Engagement with Peers on Body Image in Young Women.” Body Image, vol. 28, 2019, pp. 1–5.

In this article an experiment was conducted to see how women and men interact with social media to understand how it affects the women’s body image. This article is relevant to my topic because it shows a relationship between the media and how women look at their bodies.

Blog post 12: Material Feminism

Material feminism is the gender roles that are set for each gender like a women is expected to have children and take care of the house. Material feminism make us see things as they are, making people do whatever they want with their roles.

Blog post 11: Judith Butler

Judith Butler is talking about gender not. having to be something specific but more like if you do something that does not mean your gender would change. Gender being a performance means that people keep doing what they are always told to do since the beginning of the times. Boys do their things while all the girls are doing something different.

Culture wars and Feminism

The culture wars is a common problem in society that everyone has different ideas on. Culture wars relate to feminism because it is something that has been around for a long time making everyone have a different opinion about it. Like in the text Undeclared war on American women by Susan Faludi they talk about how women must be feeling now that they are seen as equal. While everyone believes that they should be doing good, women are still having problems with themselves create by this opinions.

Disidentifications and Culture

To disidentify with something means not to show any reaction towards something that you have encountered, so it would not change anything in that particular moment or later on. I do not really remember a time in my life where I have disidentified with something that I have encountered.

How to annotate

In order to annotate an article in Hypothesis the following steps should be follow:

Once you log in to your account on hypothesis the annotations for your class would show. You have to click “visit annotation in context” and on the right side there would be some instructions. In order to start annotating, you have to highlight the sentence or paragraph you want to talk about. Once you highlight the part you choose the annotation part and write your thoughts.

Checking in

During this difficult times in doing good I am working more hours so im not always bored. When im home I just watch Netflix and try to do all the work for my classes.

Watch a movie

I watched the movie in The Time of the butterflies by Julia Alvarez which Is about three sisters in the Dominican Republic. They went against the president at that time which was Rafael Leonidas Trujillo who was a dictator that most people hated. There is a particular scene that relates to the class, one of the sister tells her friend that she wants to become a lawyer. But at that time a women could not be a lawyer because the president did not allow. It. The sister that wanted to become a lawyer found a way to go to law school.  In the movie it shows how the sisters are part of an activist group which at the end gets them killed by the Dictator who killed everyone that was against him. The sisters became the symbol for women days.

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