Blog Post 5

I am doing okay. I am a little tired from the classes because I have to stay in my house and I can’t really move around as I would like to. I would like to go outside and get some sun or just sit on the steps outside so that I could have a change of scenery. I am a little bored from staying cooped up in my house and seeing the same people everyday. I am busy too on top of that since I have siblings and I have to help them with their online courses while I try to do my work. But overall I am blessed I am okay and alive. And hopefully you are all okay and doing your best in this crazy turn of events.

Independent Project Part 2

I need to know more about in what ways were men controlling society and how come they were the center of society. My project relates to is more into the social aspect and society aspect of research. I have to look more into the lives of black and brown women lives compared to white women. I have to see the influence of men and no men in their lives and see how they are treated. I have to see the importance of how the family will be with the presence of a man being there vs no man in the child’s life. Each factor relate because I am trying to see why the purpose of having men as the center or the role model of society. Women and men were suppose to have equal rights but they aren’t since women didn’t get their rights until the 1920’s. I am trying to see how they influence the economy, culture, masculinity for boys, and how women should be treated or act in society.

Utopian Society

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If the future where feminism and anti- racist activism succeeded then it would be more equal for women and all races. Life in society would be easy going and soon stereotypes and how people are seen will slowly change but it would be hard for others. Even if the society may be perfect, there may be factions of people who would be anti-feminism and racist activism. So it may not last long and the period of peace may end in maybe 100 years or less. But other than that the classes and jobs will be diverse and everyone will get an opportunity to get jobs and teachers of all kinds will be able to teach students.

Independent Study

I am interested in exploring issues of androcentrism (putting men at the center of society and regulating women in society), especially the work of black and brown women during the 1900’s.  

What’s Feminism Actually Mean?

A definition of feminism that I found is from bell hooks which clarifies that, “Feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression.” In her book Feminism Is For Everyone I agree with this because feminism is about addressing sexism that occurs in society and before we can do this we must be able to correct the misconceptions and the problems that occur in order to actually fix the problems in society. My definition of feminism is that feminism is a movement to solve the problems of sexism, oppression, gender equality, and minority women problems that have occurred in order for women to gain a level playing field in society. First, the people that would like to be aware of the situation they should educate themselves first. Then we could always give them extra knowledge on what is going on so they can keep up to date. Next, we should try to unite feminism groups together so that everyone can address their situation in order to fully have one mission and not scatter missions all over the place. Finally, we should try to get more legislation on women rights like abortion and other things that is in the laws.

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