A Different Future

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In the perfect world, woman would have the same opportunities as men. Not based on gender. Promotions to a job well done, not because of their genitalia. In a perfect society I can picture the same rights. Woman taking control over stereotypical male “jobs”. Men getting paid more than females would come to an end, and it can be equal pay for everyone that does the same amount of work. In a ideal place everyone can wake up with the same treatment as the opposing gender.

Blog Post #11 Judith Butler Week

Butler describes gender as an quality of a person, but as “performed” as acting in accordance to customs. Gender is how we identify ourselves and how we self-concept ourselves. Butler also believes that language/culture make up how we perceive and contextualize the world. We have created how a gender must act. She goes into detail about the notion of gender and how it plays a role into feminism. Her claim is that no one is a gender from the start, but that it deals with how we interact, behave that determine the gender. From experience, growing up I’ve been told how I should interact, dress, behave because if I don’t act like a girl then people will begin to think otherwise and that’s where bullying also comes into effect. I believe that one should behave and do what they want, for the simple matter that gender shouldn’t weigh us down and keep us secluded from doing things that doesn’t correspond with our “gender”.

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Blog Post 10 Culture Wars

Culture Wars were cultural conflict between social groups and a struggle for power about their beliefs and what was of value to them. Culture wars are very similar to feminism because their are still movements and protests to gain equal rights amongst women. Fauldi in his article states that there has been a sort of progression for their rights. However, many unjust situations keep occurring such as pay. Culture wars rely heavily on the belief that there is progression vs. that there isn’t.

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Check In


During these hard moments of having to stay in, I have been spending time with family with little or no outdoor activity. I have also been trying to keep up with school work which is also important. Also, watching Netflix to forget about the chaos for some time. Lastly., if I want to go outside I make it to where I’m only outside for a very short walk to not go insane.

Independent Study

I am interested in exploring issues of domestic violence as they relate to women, gender and sexuality studies, especially the work of The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence in 1987 till now.

What Is Feminism?

Feminism is the theory of political, economic, and social quality of the sexes on behalf of women’s rights. Males tend to benefit from their norm of believing that they are superior and dominant over women. Unfair work pay also plays a role into this because how is it fair that women are doing the same job as men, yet are getting paid less? The videos assigned really put into perspective how this is continuously happening and because of the way men are brought up, being taught that being dominant and having a women obey at all times is the way it should be, which is very wrong. My focus point for my feminist project would be to dig deeper and be able to work forward with making rights to those females who combat this every single day.