Blog Post #11 Judith Butler Week

Butler describes gender as an quality of a person, but as “performed” as acting in accordance to customs. Gender is how we identify ourselves and how we self-concept ourselves. Butler also believes that language/culture make up how we perceive and contextualize the world. We have created how a gender must act. She goes into detail about the notion of gender and how it plays a role into feminism. Her claim is that no one is a gender from the start, but that it deals with how we interact, behave that determine the gender. From experience, growing up I’ve been told how I should interact, dress, behave because if I don’t act like a girl then people will begin to think otherwise and that’s where bullying also comes into effect. I believe that one should behave and do what they want, for the simple matter that gender shouldn’t weigh us down and keep us secluded from doing things that doesn’t correspond with our “gender”.

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