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Hey Queens !

I haven’t done a How – to post in quite sometime , Today I’m, gonna give a descriptive how to on how to use hypothesis to annotate similar text . Well before I get into detail we all halve to understand the correlation between the two . A hypothesis is “ a supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence’’

  1. You want to read the title and let it marinate in your head on what you think the text is going to be about . Be sure to Jot down any ideas that come to mind about what you think that get is goin got be about .
  2. When all fails you can always read the first few sentences to get the hamster in your brain rolling to get some thoughts brewing .
  3. Make a T chart to jot down the similarities between texts or to the real world it will help you get a better understanding of the text
  4. Don’t overthink chances are 9/10 your inference will turn out to be true or hold some type of truth be confident even when you’re just thinking Queens !

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Hey Queens ,

I hope all is well on your end and if it isn’t I hope you’re holding yourself up !! considering I’m now writing a response I’m sure you can tell I haven’t been in the best state of mind . Being cooped up by force really does something g to you . The fact that I’m forced to “ relax ’’ and to be on my phone all day is absolutely driving me mad. I was used to complaining about working all night and going to school morning but I can honestly say I miss it and want it back . I want to be stressed out and complain to myself because I know I’m being productive at the end of the day .

The COVID-19 isn’t necessarily scaring me but it definitely is causing me to become anxious about thinking how normal is America going to be when this is supposedly all said and done . Think about it I’m pretty sure even when they do say “ were in the clear’’ there is still going to be people who are still anxious and will proceed to not want social interaction , still want to wear masks and gloves and it sucks because I low key feel like that’s going to be me . I saw a meme the other day that basically implied when the pandemic is over they are going to wait for the “ first batch of people to go outside to make sure it’s safe ” everyone laughed but they agreed . I don’t know how long the COVID-19 is gonna hold up but hopefully doesn’t take long to act normal again . Till then stay strong Queens

Fierce and Love

A different future

Hey Queens ! Let’s talk on the what if’s in life . Imagine a world where life was actually fair and I mean FAIR FAIR ! Where everyone treated you like you were the “man” . Imagine waking up one morning and you’re watching the news and there’s a female president and the world is totally fine with it . Going on social media and woman being capable of doing isn’t a controversial topic . You might think to yourself “ Girl so what ?” . So wouldn’t be nice to live in equality and have no one question you . Being able to do whatever your heart desired politically and to take a stand and having more people backing you up than giving you negative whiplash that’s everything to me at least but in all honesty it should be to you to . Going to school and you’re classes are evenly divided between girls and boys , having debates in class and people having valid arguments and not being sexist because of your gender wow ! . Now I’ve always said I’m not a die hard feminist but it sure does grind my gears when people assume the gender I am has anything to do with what I can do. Never seemed to understand the correlation between the two . Well listen here Queens a day where equality for all isn’t so far fetched one of these days we will till then let’s achieve greatness because after all I think Beyoncé said it best when she asked “ Who run the world ?! ” GIRLS

that’s all for Queens Talk later

Queen Gee

What is Feminism ?

We all know the typical meaning of the word “feminism “ which is basically a political ideology that females should have equality like men . Now althoughI wouldn’t call my self a die hard feminist . I’m not nonchalant about it either . I see the importance it has especially in the generation we live in. Feminism to me is someone who is born or identifies themselves as a woman who advocates social , political , and Economic equality . I personally feel like people in this world don’t realize that woman are truly always underestimated and you would think after all the #GirlPower movements we’ve had that it would strike a nerve but ignorance has always been bliss I always said as long as there is hate there is love vice versa . We live in a world where all you need is one believer and the ideology of whatever claim is being thrown out there is. I truly do hope one of these days we as little girls , young woman , and woman rise to the top and stay on top that also goes out for my colored girls I didn’t forget about you . Well that’s all for tonight . Hope you enjoyed #QueensTalk

– Queen Gee.

Independent Study

I am interested in exploring issues of equality in woman that are not from the US . I don’t have a specific Person or country that I know because this is all very neW to me and I want to research about a topic I’m not fusilier with because I want to learn something new about woman studies and feminist. I hope to mostly focus on contemporary issues in other countries but if I find a intriguing piece about older struggles these woman face .

How to Blog !!?!?! By Germa Jean Louis (Queen Gee ) BEFORE /*

Hey Queens !
Todays blog is about  the basics  on how to write a blog . First thing first thing first thing first you want to know the technicals you want to have an idea of what you’re going to write . Feel free to jot down some ideas in your notes on your mobile device or you can always go old school and write it down .

Second, you want to find a website , feel free to use the website “ “. Then you’re going to want to create an account . Get creative but be sure to write dome your login information on your phone , computer , notebook , iPad , etc . Next you wanna find a site that interests you once you finish creating an account.

Thirdly , scroll to the upper right corner of your browser , click on that arrow pointing down and click on “ my sites “ and click on “ Intro to Women’s Studies “ and the right side of you browser you will see a section titled “ Quick draft “ be creative pick a cool title and type or text away . After writing you want to proof read your article . A blog is a discussion website often informal diary -style text entries you want your post to be genuine but you also want it to be professional at the same time . When you’re done informing your fan page scroll down to publish and select the time and date and Voilia Queens you got yourself your first Blog

Hope it helps #QUEENSTALlK 👑.

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