Blog Post 14 : Final Reflection

Hey Queens ,

Well I must say to been a journey wouldn’t you think . I feel like we all were able learn a couple things from each other . I sure learned things that I will always take with me when college is all said and done true say .

Blog Post 2: When I read this blog post I instantly think about how simple minded I sound but it was the start of a learning journey on my gender and I was all in for what this course had in store for me . So it was impactful in a way where I am able to look back and reflect on my growth and knowledge when it comes to feminism.

Blog Post 9 : You don’t realize how many things you choose to not comprehend properly . I honestly genuinely didn’t even know what it meant to even Disidentify with something and it made think about all the important controversial topics I disagreed on and whether or not it was because of me not wanting to understand on a deeper level or actually having valid reasons . I had a different outlook on life after that .

Blog Post 13: The book report gave me opportunities to read two phenomenal books . I always heard about Toni Morrison but in all honestly the likelihood of me reading the book had I not been told to would’ve been very slim to none but I’m glad I did . It’s like I always learn something new when it comes my people and I learned on a deeper level have a strong impact on African Americans in general

I probably still haven’t become a die hard feminist But I do believe after this course I became one in my own unique way . Reflection is somethingI always do to see what did I really take in with what was given to me , the work I put in . In all honestly. Writing this is the most Impactful one in way because there’s something about wrapping all that you learned , giving highlights that makes me feel accomplished. I feel like all woman have their own unique way in showing what feminism means to them . I came into this class not really having much knowledge but now I know a lot . It may not be everything but I learned a lot and my research doesn’t stop when this course ends . I will continue to keep up with what goes in our world because being educated about hold so much more value then I thought . We as woman have a long way to go But till then I can say I’m proud to be young black woman .


Blog Post 13 : Book Report on “ Beloved ’’ Toni Morrison

Hey Queens

So for the past month I’ve been reading the book “ Beloved ’’ and here’s my take on it . The short novel entails about a former slave named Sethe who escapes from slavery . But although Sethe is free her mind is trapped , Sethe’s mind under goes a relapse re living the trauma she endured during slavery. Struggling to embrace freedom and to create a new better life the trauma of her past follows her wherever she goes and believes the house she lives in is being hunted by the ghost of her dead child . Sethe is mighty convinced that memories wont ever go away or will they ?

The story takes place in Cincinnati Ohio in 1870’s towards the end of Civil War .She lives with her daughter Denver , her two sons who eventually run away from the hunting house by the ghost of her dead daughter whom she killed back when Sethe was escaping from sweet home farm .. When Sethe encounters with Paul D again ( former slave who also worked in the same plantation as Sethe ) He is the spark of Sethe’s mind resurrection of memories back in slavery . Sethe meets a woman that goes by the name of Beloved who is a spirit that is a reincarnated of Sethe’s dead daughter due to the things that she knows only Sethe will know but Sethe believes she is a a woman who was locked up by a white man but not for long . Although in my option whatever her complex identify is I believe Morrison uses the character Beloved a a sort of catalyst to being emphasis on the emotional distress Sethe and Paul D undergo . Beloved represents the past returned to haunt the present. The characters’ confrontations with Beloved and, consequently, their pasts, are complex. The interaction between the two become toxic in a sense because whenever she’s with Beloved she’s paralyzed in the past. Beloved’s presence consumes Sethe’s life to the point where she becomes depleted. She hardly eats, while Beloved grows bigger and bigger, eventually taking the form of a pregnant woman. Towards the end of the novel Denver reaches out to the black community for help. Some of the village women come to the house to exorcise Beloved.  Mr. Bodwin ( Do gooders of the neighborhood) approaches the house and Sethe mistakes him for Schoolteacher ( replacement for the original owner of Sweet home the plantation where Sethe ) School teacher was a mean man who consistently abused the slave owners . Crazed, she tries to attack him but is restrained by Denver and other women. Beloved disappears.

Although I don’t think “ Playing in the dark ’’ have much in common other than Tori Morrison passion on displaying the struggles we go through as black individuals whether she uses examples of slavery or present struggles in literature our Identity plays a big role . In “ Beloved ’’ the destruction of identify under slavery is presented and in “ Playing In the Dark ’’ There is a misleading representation of black people which is why Toni Morrison felt the need to point it out so people can see it from a black persons point of view hence why roots truly are important to our identity be cause it shapes and molds us and one things for sure what our ancestors endured it surely does have a big impact on why we act the way we do .

Well that’s all for today Queens , thanks for tuning in !!

Blog Post 12 : Material Feminism

Hey Queens !

Hope all is well !! For todays main topic lets discuss Material Feminism .. I feel like It means when people see Gender as a social contract except we aren’t the ones that agree with this contract now what do I mean by that ? The social contract theory says that people live together in society  in accordance with an agreement that establishes moral and political rules of behavior.  Society refuses to see what woman do in reproducing the human race and those maternal instincts and abilities we process as a necessity . It is clear to see the imbalance in woman and males in regards of social equality . Public Service Announcement: When will we learn that Gender roles and Gender are two different things and society needs to understand that these two things are socially made up and shouldn’t dictate the amount equality we gain or have . In her book “ Vibrant Matter’’ Jane Bennet discusses how materialities constantly infect and affect human society and vice versa she is right . We should seek social change , we still in a world where men still over power woman in different fields and it shouldn’t be like that it should be equality for all but we still got a long way to go don’t we ? We may still be oppressed but once of these days we wont be any more and until then we should keep on fighting until we get what we want until we get what we deserve that’s it and that is all .

Blog 11 : Gender Performance

Hey Queens,

Hope all is well lets talk about Judith Butler and her response on what she means by gender being a performance . She challenges assumptions about that distinctions often made between gender and sex . In the begging I didn’t think that long or think that hard about what the term itself meant but after reading Judith Butlers theory on it I must say I have a new stance on what it means to be a woman .

The old fashioned term doesn’t justify what a woman Is . Judith mentions that “ It would make no sense to define gender as the cultural interpretation of sex, if sex itself is a gendered category’’ .We must e bale to express ourselves and identify ourselves based on our performance . In her book she also uses Simone de Beauvoir to help defend her argument as he states “ One is not born a woman, but rather becomes one’’ . We aren’t born woman , we grow into one and all our journeys aren’t the same . So who are we to judge ? .

FYI , I don’t think Butler is saying that we should bash the traditional way we classify What gender is but it shouldn’t be the only contributing factor to what people choose to identify theirselves because the truth of the matter is gender is created by it own performance ‘’and people should be able to express that and not be looked at sideways . I agree with butlers when she argues that we as a society need to create gender trouble by disrupting the gender binary because there is trouble in paradise if you ask me .

What are your thoughts Queens ??

Blog Post 10: Cultural Wars

Hey Queens !

It’s all about Cultural wars this week … society seems to think we have paved a way for woman to have equality but that just isn’t the case . There are still many things to fight for with that being said what are some woman right struggles that we go through Susan Fauldi makes the claim that woman’s rights have “ progressed” to an extent but the fight is truly is far from over . What are some woman’s rights that we struggle for instance is the lack of woman in power . Sure we have representation but From corporate boardrooms, to the courts and political leadership around the world, the lack of women in senior positions  . There is also a great deal of sexism, racism and economic inequality which if you ask me is part of the reason why we don’t have the amount of represents and although woman are still working their jobs mostly entails something that’s o the feline side I feel like we as woman should internalize that we have a lot of overcoming to come but this shouldn’t discourage us . It should just make us want to make a difference one day we’ll all get it and when do that will truly be the biggest win in woman’s history .

Blog post 9

Hey Queens , hope all is well lets talk about what it means to Disidentify with something ? . When I think of the word disidentify I think it can be as simple as a person genuinely not being familiar with the idea of something or someone . On the other hand I also think it goes for people who don’t want to accept or believe something . We’ve all had moments where we were confused about a specific topic or any piece of information or where we choose not to understand for whatever odd reason . The dictionary term is “ is to not to identify with something to reject a personal or group identify “ ….. but by the looks of own personal definition its clear to see I don’t 100% agree . Our conscience have a lot to do with what we choose to identify and not identify wouldn’t you think This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative.

Blog 8

Hey Queens ! I recently read this phenomenal poem off the book “ The Bridge They Call My Back ’’ Called “ The Bridge Poem ’’ by Kate Rushin . The passage entails about a woman just being plain old tired about being a woman and the burden it brings . That may sound kind of weird considering this is home of a feminist blog post but I didn’t interpret like that. Kate Rushin talks about the things that people don’t get to express she’s real and you all know real always recognizes real so maybe that’s why the poem stood out like a sore thumb and helped contribute to the overall meaning of the book itself .

When you think about the book itself you would think this is about to be something inspiring encouraging yet that’s not even the case where in reality this poem is really about a black that is simply just tired of being a bridge and is simply just verbally expressing that . Rushin say says “ Ive had enough ….Sick of being the damn bridge for everybody” society misjudges women activist or feminist just because there has been an idea that was falsely generalized for all women. I think that the poem really brings awareness to convey the overall message of displaying the authors who are woman who had been active in the Women’s Movement and who are determined as a result to turn the differences among women by sharing their personal perspective on life as a woman in general

Well until next time Queens

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