Blog Post #4

I personally was always fascinated by the societal creation, that women are always dependent on men and without them success will never be had. Although, in some cases this holds true, because some women might choose that that’s the life they want to live, which is just valid, being dependent on someone other than yourself especially a man should be a choice a women makes versus a stigma and judgment women have. The movie I decided to watch is called “Someone Great”, a basic chick flick that I have watched before, except with no previous idea in my mind about the underlying roots of the movie. As I watched this film, I went into it thinking this relates to our women’s class of course because the three main characters are women, all with different ethnicities, seuxalitys, places of work, backgrounds etc. However, as I continued to watch the movie I soon realized there’s so much more to these women and to this story then just their diversity. Interestingly enough, what made these females stand out to me and really impact me wasn’t the diversity they all held from each other, but it was the one similarity the movie shed a light on. The idea that these women didn’t need anyone including a man to succeed, to get what they want, and most of all to feel happy and content with their lives. 

The film follows the main character Jenny, and her two friends Blair and Erin while they’re each going through a rough time in their life. Jenny’s boyfriend, Nate, had just broken up with her because she got her dream job at the Rolling Stones magazine but had to move from New York to San Francisco for it. Blair is trying to come to terms with the fact that she’s not happy in her relationship with her boyfriend and needs to figure out how to end it. Erin struggles with revealing her true feelings to her girlfriend, and is scared that if she does, all the happy times will shatter. With those three plots, it would be easy and predictable to make these females depend on their significant others and hold on to them just for the sake of thinking they’re not good enough to be on their own. However, this movie portrays these women as independent and separate assets than their partners. Evidently, there’s many emotions and hard conversations that lead up to having those realizations and the stability to be okay, but what impressed me was the will power they all had. There were no points in the film where these women denied the fact that they could be okay without these men and significant others, there were no points in the film where these women thought they were less than because a man wasn’t there beside them. It’s not a man, or another human being that’s going to make you feel powerful, equal and most of all able, but it’s the concept that us women are capable of absolutely everything anyone else is, and if we work for what we want, we will be able to achieve our goals.

Independent Study 2 : Madonna

For my Independent Study, I have chosen to specifically research and pick apart Madonnas not only career, but also the way that her passion turned into something that can change society’s whole perspective. I think my first step into really developing this, is to figure out whether or not, the intent of being so iconic, in terms of the being so impactful as a feminist activator, was there before or after the fame. In retrospect, Madonna has influenced all facets, including the news, gender, sexuality, history, and all forms of media. Her music videos alone have and continue to spread awareness of so many different controversial topics, that are so rarely talked about, such as ageism. She built her career as a the Queen of Pop, being so unapologetically herself, in a time where a women having that much ownership over themselves was deemed very uncommon. I think its crucial for me understand her background as she was growing up, to understand how such a power house of women came to be. Besides the good though in her life, the importance of the struggles and obstacles she faced is going to benefit me immensely in developing this as well, in order to see what she overcame to get to the place she is in now.

Independent Study

I am interested in exploring issues of Equality, and how many boundaries we can push through to get the playing field even, as they related to women, gender, and sexuality studies, especially the work of any current feminist activator during this day and age.

Feminism: 2020

Being a “feminist” or identifying with any of the various definitions of the word “feminism”, is stigmatized in society, as an extreme. The questions I’m proposing, in hopes to untangle this generalizations are : Does it have to be an extreme? Why does that word/ idea in particular spark a conversation of extremism? Personally, I believe that when the movement first emerged, the concept of equality was so foreign that the division became severe, from those who agreed with these women and those who quite frankly were scared of change. As decades went by, the assumption that the divide would close, and the gap would slowly minimize was there, however I’m not sure it did. Of course, individuals in society became more comfortable with feminism, and now in 2020 we see changes being made to reflect the protests and all the fight so many women had to go through. On the other hand, words such as “liberal”, “man hater” , “lesbian” etc. are still attached to this movement. The ignorance is still very much present, and unfortunately, its a conversation not enough people are having. A quick google search, on the definition of feminism, suggests “the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.” Without any further research, the short yet effective definition reflects on the root of this word. Equality, is what women were fighting for, equality is what people ARE fighting for. When you are born into this life, especially in this country, you are promised a certain extent of rights. Why blame someone for putting leaders in the predicament of trying to fulfill their promises?