Independent Study 2 : Madonna

For my Independent Study, I have chosen to specifically research and pick apart Madonnas not only career, but also the way that her passion turned into something that can change society’s whole perspective. I think my first step into really developing this, is to figure out whether or not, the intent of being so iconic, in terms of the being so impactful as a feminist activator, was there before or after the fame. In retrospect, Madonna has influenced all facets, including the news, gender, sexuality, history, and all forms of media. Her music videos alone have and continue to spread awareness of so many different controversial topics, that are so rarely talked about, such as ageism. She built her career as a the Queen of Pop, being so unapologetically herself, in a time where a women having that much ownership over themselves was deemed very uncommon. I think its crucial for me understand her background as she was growing up, to understand how such a power house of women came to be. Besides the good though in her life, the importance of the struggles and obstacles she faced is going to benefit me immensely in developing this as well, in order to see what she overcame to get to the place she is in now.