Blog Post #11

Judith Butler claims that there is no binary concept and that ultimately gender is a social construct with no definite formalities on what it means to be a “women” or a “man”. She very clearly states that the difference between what we call a man and women, is not the language, history or politics, especially it is not what our sex is. However, even though this is her main argument she still agrees that feminism does exist but has some political issues that need to be discussed. Along with that, she argues that the idea of a human identifying with just their sex is repressive and dangerous, and a lot more knowledge needs to be had in the deciding factor of what we identify as. Personally, after reading Butlers thoughts I think for a gender to be performed is for an individual to go along with the societal standards of what exhibits “masculinity” or “femininity”, because this does not define a persons gender in a sense it just defines their performance in how they want to present themselves. In my personal life, I know of many women who choose to wear boxers under their clothes instead of “feminine” under garments, which Butler would consider to be a gender performance because of the construct that only men should wear boxers.