Blog Post #14: Final Reflection

For my final reflection Im choosing to write about the second blog post discussing our definition of feminism, the third blog post which is where we discussed the hypothetical of feminism and anti-racist activism accomplishing their goal and how the future would work with those changes, and finally blog post thirteen which was Toni Morrison’s book report. For the second blog post I particularly found it very intriguing to define feminism for myself and to understand what I agree with in terms of the actions taken place with the movement, and things that I would alter. This post made me reflect on my personal hopes in the years to come when it comes to equality and certain rights I feel are lacking. Going onward with thinking about the future, the third blog post furthered my thoughts into how the future would change if all of the fights that individuals are fighting with respect to changes they want to see happen. I think it’s massively important to realize that the actions we take part in today will inevitably affect what we experience tomorrow, the next day or even years to come. Lastly, the blog post I felt the most connected to was the book report I chose to do on “The Bluest Eye” by Toni Morriosn. Reading this book and then discussing it in my post, I realized that although my experiences differ a lot from the characters in the book, the ideas and lessons learned by them is something I have been dealing with all my life. Individualism versus conforming to the standard is an ongoing conversation I personally have with myself, so reading the novel and getting another perspective from someone in completely different shoes than me is something I personally really enjoyed.