Blog Post 6: Oral History

I interviewed retired NYPD Detective Mollie-Ann Gustine. She recently turned 90 years old in February. Given her position, she remained at the frontlines for many social and political movements. Since she is 90 she remains in a nursing home currently so I had limited time to engage with her, so I shall sum up some things I’ve learned about this amazing woman.

Retired Detective MollieAnn Gustine served with the NYPD from 1963 to 1983. Being an African-American woman at this time, she faced much adversity. She marched beside Malcolm X, became the first African-American woman to become a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) delegate, and she was gunned down in Queens in the 80s by three teens who attempted to rob her. She fired back after being shot in the chest and arm and of course, she survived the injuries.

Though it isn’t much information about her life in the 60s, she is nonetheless a hero and was only recently commemorated for her work with the NYPD.

4/4/20 UPDATE

It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing the passing of Ms. Mollie. She passed away last night (4/3/20) from coronavirus (COVID-19) complications.

BLOG POST 5~Checking in

I am doing well, just a bit stressed, due to all the sudden changes around me. I hope this semester is a success. To keep busy I have just been listening to music and writing, as it’s very therapeutic for me. Professor Gwen, I thank you for allowing us to adjust by not putting too much pressure on us about assignments. I know it has been hard for all of us.

Blog Post 14: Final reflection

Show that you have learned: Choose three posts/reading responses that you have done that were most important or impactful to you. What about them or the week’s topic was  most important to your understanding of feminism, or the world more generally? Has your definition of feminism changed? If so, how?

Blog Post 13: Toni Morrison week

Book Report—tell us about the Morrison book you read. Give us plot details and major characters, but also a spoiler alert if necessary. Draw connections between Morrison’s essay Playing in the Dark and the book you read.

Blog Post 9: Disidentifications

What does it mean to disidentify with something? Can you identify a time in your life when you disidentified with something you encountered? (note a passage in hypothesis with a definition and explain what you think Muñoz means in your post)

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