Blog Post 5: Checking In

I know that I am kind of late with this post but I do remember how I was doing this day. I was doing okay this day. It was my second week of quarantine and less than a week of me starting online classes. Everything was going smoothly so far and my stress levels were low too. I was up to date on everything, I was in a good mood all the time. I also remember that it was this day where I started running out of ways to keep myself entertained since everything started to feel like I was on a loop. I was experiencing the same day over and over again. There was nothing exciting to do or see. I was around my family all day will is nice since I have not been around them much with the early commutes to the college and the late commutes back, and the extra homework assignments. In all honesty, after the first week in quarantine. I got tired of seeing the same four people everyday. They were also starting to get on my nerves.

Blog Post 5: Checking In…

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I have shared some more personal details via email, so I will keep this at the surface.

In March I moved to South Carolina for the time being. I have been keeping very busy with school work and other obligations. I am living with several people in a small space and they are all working from home. This presents lots of challenges for privacy and productivity. Additionally, we do not have a car, which means biking 3 miles to and from the grocery store several times a week to get food. We make meals as a group and our space requires a lot of up-keep since we are all here at all times. Despite the many challenges, I feel really fortunate to be down here at this time. We are all healthy and safe and able to support ourselves financially. I have access to the outdoors and nature and fresh air— which I know is invaluable at this moment. I have had some significant hardships recently but I have felt loved and supported by the people I am living with. It is also worth mentioning that I feel really lucky to have professors who validate and support students with extenuating circumstances at this time. It has been difficult to find balance and structure during this time, but I am focused on keeping a healthy perspective and awareness of the ways that I am truly fortunate. And with that, I try to pay it forward as much as possible by making weekly donations to various organizations. 

Blog Post 5: Check-in

Since I am a homebody, my lifestyle hasn’t changed that much since the start of quarantine. However, I do miss having the freedom of being able going to wherever I wanted. I only go outside for groceries which isn’t often. Not getting “fresh air” often enough is starting to make me a little stir-crazy. It’s been difficult for me to concentrate on schoolwork at home because i’m so distracted by everything in my environment. Doing assignments at the library was way more ideal for me. Entertainment such as music keeps me happy during these times. I’m just going to focus on taking care of myself. Hopefully, this situation will get better soon and we won’t have to live in so much fear and uncertainty anymore.

Checking In

This whole switch is really taking some getting used to. From constantly being busy with school and work to all of a sudden having neither is really weird. I feel a lot is being exposed in the world and it’s scary to think how life will be after corona. I do think we need more positivity out there though and I’m happy to see at least nature is flourishing in a time like this.

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Checking In

Well I feel like I’m going crazy, but I do feel selfish saying that; at least I have my health. I left New York and I’m in Florida with my family, so that’s a plus. I’m looking forward to the day when life starts getting back to normal.

Checking in

During this difficult times in doing good I am working more hours so im not always bored. When im home I just watch Netflix and try to do all the work for my classes.

Blog Post 5: Checking In

I am doing okay. About 2 weeks ago I had about 3 asthma attacks within a week. 2 mild ones and one that was extremely scary. It has been a little stressful keeping up with my classes online and having to deal with the stress of keeping up with my family that live in a third world country. Im anxious to resume a normal life, but I am extremely hopeful that this will all simmer down soon despite what the news says. Take this time to focus on yourself and family. I hope you guys are doing well. Stay safe and please stay home.

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Blog 5: The new whatever this is.

I hope everyone is safe and well. I have been inside since the 12 and only been out once a week for groceries and have taken precautions. I am healthy and adjusting to the classes being online. The changes have thrown me off but I am getting back to normal. My mom has been sick and its not the virus but I have been ask to do more things around the house and balancing that with schoolwork. Being at home has not been all bad because I am saving money on the Subway and on food, that’s great!

Blog Post 5 : The Pandemic

As an introverted extrovert, ideally I enjoy the balance of socializing with others as well as taking time for myself. I find the combination of both in a day to day basis adequately gives me a fulfilled feeling at the end of the day when I close my eyes. Evidently, society is now living in a textbook and history is being made in front of our own eyes, unfortunately it is however a chapter in the book we would like to skip over, as it has great negative impacts on us as individuals, as a country, and even as a planet. Personally, I find it crucial that we be as selfless as possible and stay inside to prevent this chapter adding more and more pages. As much as it irritates and frustrates me to not leave my house, I’ve tapped into parts of my brain I hadn’t ever had time for, and for that I’m grateful. The creativity I could pursue when I was younger, had been trapped inside of me all these years because of other things I had prioritized. As those things have been put on hold, I could start to draw again, read again, write again, most of all take my mind in a direction thats so out of the box in order to give me the same fulfillment I crave when socializing.

Blog Post 5 By Ramy Mohamed

Hello everyone I hope you and your families are well. It’s a bit of a crazy situation we’re all in. I’m staying positive and i’m happy I get to spend time with my family. We found out that domestic flights out of New york are no longer available, so my brother that just came back from Alaska is going to stay longer (so my mom’s happy but his wife is not). I’ve found the hardest thing about this pandemic is trying to reorganize your life. I do hope that we all get through this and what has helped me is by staying productive and planing ahead (knowing that eventually you won’t be in this situation and will have a life to lead).

Blog Post 5 – Checking in (:

Hope this post finds everyone safe and well. I have been staying inside as much as humanly possible ; making brief runs for essentials only when absolutely necessary. A lot of my time is spent with my family doing things we rarely get to do together due to all of our very busy schedules day to day. We cook together, eat together, watch tv together, and just spend really great quality time together. It’s been tough not being able to connect with my partner & friends outside of a virtual setting however, we are all just taking things one day at a time at this point. There’s no real choice ; we must all do our part.