Blog Post 5 : The Pandemic

As an introverted extrovert, ideally I enjoy the balance of socializing with others as well as taking time for myself. I find the combination of both in a day to day basis adequately gives me a fulfilled feeling at the end of the day when I close my eyes. Evidently, society is now living in a textbook and history is being made in front of our own eyes, unfortunately it is however a chapter in the book we would like to skip over, as it has great negative impacts on us as individuals, as a country, and even as a planet. Personally, I find it crucial that we be as selfless as possible and stay inside to prevent this chapter adding more and more pages. As much as it irritates and frustrates me to not leave my house, I’ve tapped into parts of my brain I hadn’t ever had time for, and for that I’m grateful. The creativity I could pursue when I was younger, had been trapped inside of me all these years because of other things I had prioritized. As those things have been put on hold, I could start to draw again, read again, write again, most of all take my mind in a direction thats so out of the box in order to give me the same fulfillment I crave when socializing.