Final Reflection

For the last post on this class sight we are to post 3 topics that were most important or impactful to me. I am going to be boldly honest, none of them were very impactful for me. Maybe it is because of the shift In learning and I was not learning but rather than submitting work. The only one that I really likes was week 8 and how the bridge on my back related towards me and my family. I really connected with that one but I think that is the only one that was impactful. As for my definition for feminism, it has not changed. Feminism is still advocating for women’s rights on the basis of equality between men and women. Im sorry. Maybe it is because I was not really invested in this class to apply myself harder.

Blog Post 11. Judith Butler

Butler is talking about how a woman and a man are not born that way. The female and male is born as part of your biology. But man and women are not just that it’s a gender. Gender is not something you are born with it is something that is ascribed. You perform gender on a daily basis and the things you do are gendered and therefore it because of your actions a gender is given to you. Cooking and cleaning are usually women’s tasks while mowing the lawn or taking out the trash are men’s tasks.

One example of performing gender from a personal/cultural appearance is cooking. The women do most of the cooking and sometimes all of the cooking. I tend to do a lot of it and although I have many brothers that know how to do somethings in the kitchen it is mostly me. And the housework usually falls on the women aka me and doing gender also means the taking care of children.

Blog Post 10: The Culture Wars

What are the culture wars, and what do they have to do with feminism? (Use the Faludi and Heywood readings to find an appropriate definition—whose definition are you using?)

The Culture Wars were two sides fighting for the same thing but didn’t even know it. Both sides are fighting for equality but are letting other problems get in the way of seeing the common goal. White women have more privilege over women because of the color of their skin, but they are not seen as equals with men because in men’s eyes, they are the weaker gender. Black women are at a disadvantage both ways. We are already at a fault because of our gender, but when you throw skin color into the mix, it’s even worse for us. We would have to work twice as hard to reach the white women of our society. Both sides aren’t good enough overall because of their gender.

Blog Post 5: Checking In

I know that I am kind of late with this post but I do remember how I was doing this day. I was doing okay this day. It was my second week of quarantine and less than a week of me starting online classes. Everything was going smoothly so far and my stress levels were low too. I was up to date on everything, I was in a good mood all the time. I also remember that it was this day where I started running out of ways to keep myself entertained since everything started to feel like I was on a loop. I was experiencing the same day over and over again. There was nothing exciting to do or see. I was around my family all day will is nice since I have not been around them much with the early commutes to the college and the late commutes back, and the extra homework assignments. In all honesty, after the first week in quarantine. I got tired of seeing the same four people everyday. They were also starting to get on my nerves.

Blog Post 14: Final Reflection

Show that you have learned: Choose three posts/reading responses that you have done that were most important or impactful to you. What about them or the week’s topic was  most important to your understanding of feminism, or the world more generally? Has your definition of feminism changed? If so, how?

The most impactful blog posts were blog post numbers 2, 4 and 12. Before these blog posts, I always thought that feminism was the female version of racist. I used to think that feminism applied to women only, that feminism is a word that could start wars between the two genders. Feminism would be a secret community of its own filled with only strong women and comforting the weak ones. That all men do not see women as their equals and walk all over them and take all the power just for the fun of it. Turns out I was wrong, a man can be a feminist too and there are decent men out there that believe that both men and women are equal and that they deserve equal opportunities. Feminism will always be a term that sparks hate and anger to the men with big egos and poor mindsets. Thank you for everything you have taught me and I wish you all the best of luck in the years to come.

Blog Post 12: Material Feminism

Material feminism is a type of feminism that does not want to deal with any gender hierarchy. They do not want to be told what to do or how to act based on a stupid pyramid full of unnecessary obligations. They instead observe gender “roles” based on physical and social interactions with other people. They are more likely to see each gender as equals compared to other kinds of feminism.

Blog Post 11: Judith Butler

Judith Butler said that nobody can be a gender fore doing gendered acts. When she said that, I think she means that you cannot be a women without upholding the tasks that make you a women, such as cleaning, washing, cooking, sewing, staying at home with the children, etc. My dad stopped doing dishes, mopping, cleaning the floors a few years ago. I asked hime how come he stopped. He told me that it’s a women’ job to do these things, “it’s what you’re supposed to do. I got so angry but I could not say anything because he has a temper and he is really stubborn. It is not only a women’s job to do chores around the house. men are supposed to contribute as well and not sit their lazy ass on the couch all day growing a stomach, drinking beer, sleeping all day and watch TV. Both parties should contribute to keep the house clean and habitable. It should not only be a one gender job.

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