Independent Study Step 2: What do you need to know?

In order to contextualize my subject of wages and housework I need to know the basics. Why was this idea created? Who were most active in this movement? What wave of feminism was this discussed? I need to know the demographics and geographies. I think it is important to see what group of people are most concerned or interested in this issue. This relates to women’s history, which contributed to American history and the history of other nations. Unfortunately, this issue only making noise in the UK. Articles are being written in newspapers today to bring about awareness on the working woman. Online news platforms such as and are some of the platforms that still shed light on this.

This topic relates to sex, gender, history, social norms and patriarchal factors. While places like the United States and Europe have received more pressure about this issue, I think it is important to understand why other places are not as centered on the work women do at home. There are me oppressive and stricter societies where women are worse off but no-one says anything. Places like the Caribbean and the Middle-East are highly oppressive against women systematically and socially. Despite this, women movements and issues are almost non-existent.

There are not many news networks that still actively advocate for women’s right. They might reminisce on an anniversary, but otherwise, it is barely mentioned. To be widely informed, YouTube, school, and online are your best bet in current times. There it is not much chatter about looking at “housewives” as workers who need to be paid or equating the housework of women to those on the books.

Sex and gender relates to my project because whether you choose to be a woman or once society labels you as one or once the doctor says “its a girl,” your fate is determined. There is a high chance that your family and partners will expect you to nurture and take care the house and others. The pressure is on. Sex and gender determines your role in the house. Some women fail to see beyond what they are confined to because society has already made up their minds for them. Social norms are hard to change. Patriarchy is most heavily used in the house. The woman answers to the man and plays caretaker, cleaner, maid, mom, and cook while the man makes the money. She has little to no say sometimes.

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