Post #8

Bridges Called Our Backs

“Racism is an ideology. Everyone is capable of being racist whatever their color and condition. Only some of us are liable to racist attack. Understanding the racist ideology – where and how it penetrates – is what is important for the feminist movement, not “including” women of color or talking about “including” men. Guilt is a fact for us all, white & colored: an identification with the oppressor and oppressive ideology. Let us, instead, identify, understand, and feel with the oppressed as a way out of the morass of racism and guilt.”

What this section means to me, is that racism is a set of ideas solely based on political theory and policy. Some of us women of color are predisposed to racial attack in ways some might not understand. And with that being said, understanding racism is very important to discuss in the feminist movement. A lot of the stories written here, from women of color, are expressing racial issues in feminist movements, so i thought this excerpt was important to emphasize.

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