Apr 22: Class today and updates

Hi all,
Just a reminder that I’ll be hosting a virtual meeting of class today at 3pm. Here’s the link to the “classroom”: https://bit.ly/WGS-Shaw-20

Please–if you can–try to submit a question about the reading. I’ll maybe open up a google doc for some group work. I’ll also go over independent study/final project details. I’ll be fielding questions about Judith Butler, This Bridge…, and Disidentfications. We’ll do Toni Morrison next week.

An announcement: Based on discussion last week, I am waiving the 10% penalty for any late work for the semester. So, although it’s great when things are handed in on time (so we have something to talk abut and that you can work from for our discussions), don’t stress too much about deadlines. Focus on staying sane in these wacky times, and just try to get the work in sooner rather than later (no later than May 13).

See you at 3pm! If you want to meet with me more privately before or after, I would welcome that. Just let me know. I’ll be scheduling check-ins and conferences over the next week or two.

Don’t forget to do your weekly check in! It helps me know where you are and how I can help you.

Take care,