Blog Post 12: Material Feminism

Material Feminism focuses on how nonhuman forces affect our agency, being, and culture. These material conditions can be looked at in terms of gender and relations to the actual lives of women. According to Jane Bennet, “these material powers, which can aid or destroy, enrich or disable, ennoble or degrade us, in any case call for our attentiveness, or even “respect”.” Mel Chen also focuses on similar forces such as “Words,” “Animals,” and “Metals.” She explains how matter that is considered immobile or insensate animates cultural lives.

This side of feminism offers us a new outlook on the diversity of feminism when it comes to the ideologies. It is a broad spectrum that touches every aspect. This offers us a more “material” perspective, by that I mean that it shows us that not only society and other humans affect our roles and who we are. Inanimate matter can affect our body, how we view certain issues and society as a whole.

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