Blog Post 12

Material Feminism is feminism that focuses on the material conditions of the social world. According to the idea of material feminism, gender is a social construct, and gender roles are forced onto women. The goals, are to make it the social norm for women to be treated the same as men, economically and socially. The main strive is to target and focus on social change, rather than a change in the capitalist system. It also acknowledges that certain races and ethnicities are pressured to remain in their lower-income status, and the privileged remain privileged. The newest aspect added to this class is the focus on social changes, rather than systematic changes.

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  1. I like how informative yet simple your description was .I also agree with your interpretation of what maternal feminism means because people do tend to focus of the systematic equalities woman face and not the social aspects of it .

  2. I like how you made it known that gender and gender roles are socially constructed and if more people understood this then maybe they’d be aware of their societal impact/potential.

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