7 Replies to “Black Macho and the Myth of the Superwoman Presentation”

  1. Awesome presentation !!! . I never saw a PowerPoint transcript so that was really cool to see . It wasn’t basic , it was informative yet straight to the point . I really appreciated that . I feel like Ms. Wallace did her research and has made some very valid points bas to why the condition of our race is the way it is especially in this day and time . I too recommend this book to females especially African American females who don’t about some of this hurdles and obstacles that were faced.

  2. Your presentation is a really well planned out and spectacular. I learned so much information about Michele Williams and her writings. Thank you for making this wonderful presentation!

  3. This was an extremely detailed presentation that gave really in depth background on Michele Williams along with her impactful writings. It’s really important to learn about the obstacles African American women face and where that stems from.

  4. You really brought to light the importance of the obstacles African American women face on a day to day basis, which I feel is overlooked immensely in this society. Thus I thoroughly enjoyed the detail you put into this presentation and the organization was really magnificent, it made me pay attention the whole way through about all of the important ideas you were discussing.

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