Blog Post 14 : Final Reflection

Hey Queens ,

Well I must say to been a journey wouldn’t you think . I feel like we all were able learn a couple things from each other . I sure learned things that I will always take with me when college is all said and done true say .

Blog Post 2: When I read this blog post I instantly think about how simple minded I sound but it was the start of a learning journey on my gender and I was all in for what this course had in store for me . So it was impactful in a way where I am able to look back and reflect on my growth and knowledge when it comes to feminism.

Blog Post 9 : You don’t realize how many things you choose to not comprehend properly . I honestly genuinely didn’t even know what it meant to even Disidentify with something and it made think about all the important controversial topics I disagreed on and whether or not it was because of me not wanting to understand on a deeper level or actually having valid reasons . I had a different outlook on life after that .

Blog Post 13: The book report gave me opportunities to read two phenomenal books . I always heard about Toni Morrison but in all honestly the likelihood of me reading the book had I not been told to would’ve been very slim to none but I’m glad I did . It’s like I always learn something new when it comes my people and I learned on a deeper level have a strong impact on African Americans in general

I probably still haven’t become a die hard feminist But I do believe after this course I became one in my own unique way . Reflection is somethingI always do to see what did I really take in with what was given to me , the work I put in . In all honestly. Writing this is the most Impactful one in way because there’s something about wrapping all that you learned , giving highlights that makes me feel accomplished. I feel like all woman have their own unique way in showing what feminism means to them . I came into this class not really having much knowledge but now I know a lot . It may not be everything but I learned a lot and my research doesn’t stop when this course ends . I will continue to keep up with what goes in our world because being educated about hold so much more value then I thought . We as woman have a long way to go But till then I can say I’m proud to be young black woman .


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  1. I agree with what you say about blog post two. It really helped me open my eyes and see how much women have grown throughout history and how much we continue to grow. My knowledge on feminism expanded from this point on.

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