3 Replies to “Presentation “ Playing in The Dark ’’”

  1. I like your research information about the author and book but you could improve the presentation format so that your audience or reader could understand easily and get attracted on it’s first sight.
    Responding to your question, I would say that when you know your roots, you feel a sense of identity that gives you strength to go through life, which is never an easy thing. It helps feeling grounded, having a feeling of meaning.

  2. Provided a great explanation about the importance of the book and an overall really organized presentation! As for your question, I do think knowing about your roots is important in knowing who you are and what your ancestors experienced.

  3. Its evident you really researched and analyzed the book you read, and clearly expressed the importance of the ideas in the novel. I think any background one can gather from their ancestors and where they’re from or what they’ve been with is quite crucial to understand the background of your family, and to be able to pass it down adequately to the next generation.

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