Blog 11 : Gender Performance

Hey Queens,

Hope all is well lets talk about Judith Butler and her response on what she means by gender being a performance . She challenges assumptions about that distinctions often made between gender and sex . In the begging I didn’t think that long or think that hard about what the term itself meant but after reading Judith Butlers theory on it I must say I have a new stance on what it means to be a woman .

The old fashioned term doesn’t justify what a woman Is . Judith mentions that “ It would make no sense to define gender as the cultural interpretation of sex, if sex itself is a gendered category’’ .We must e bale to express ourselves and identify ourselves based on our performance . In her book she also uses Simone de Beauvoir to help defend her argument as he states “ One is not born a woman, but rather becomes one’’ . We aren’t born woman , we grow into one and all our journeys aren’t the same . So who are we to judge ? .

FYI , I don’t think Butler is saying that we should bash the traditional way we classify What gender is but it shouldn’t be the only contributing factor to what people choose to identify theirselves because the truth of the matter is gender is created by it own performance ‘’and people should be able to express that and not be looked at sideways . I agree with butlers when she argues that we as a society need to create gender trouble by disrupting the gender binary because there is trouble in paradise if you ask me .

What are your thoughts Queens ??