Blog 8

Hey Queens ! I recently read this phenomenal poem off the book “ The Bridge They Call My Back ’’ Called “ The Bridge Poem ’’ by Kate Rushin . The passage entails about a woman just being plain old tired about being a woman and the burden it brings . That may sound kind of weird considering this is home of a feminist blog post but I didn’t interpret like that. Kate Rushin talks about the things that people don’t get to express she’s real and you all know real always recognizes real so maybe that’s why the poem stood out like a sore thumb and helped contribute to the overall meaning of the book itself .

When you think about the book itself you would think this is about to be something inspiring encouraging yet that’s not even the case where in reality this poem is really about a black that is simply just tired of being a bridge and is simply just verbally expressing that . Rushin say says “ Ive had enough ….Sick of being the damn bridge for everybody” society misjudges women activist or feminist just because there has been an idea that was falsely generalized for all women. I think that the poem really brings awareness to convey the overall message of displaying the authors who are woman who had been active in the Women’s Movement and who are determined as a result to turn the differences among women by sharing their personal perspective on life as a woman in general

Well until next time Queens