Presentation 2- ‘Vibrant Matter’ by Jane Bennett (04/20/20)

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Hello everyone,

This is below my presentation about the book Vibrant Matter by Jane Bennett. As you will read through the presentation  you can find many details about this great philosopher and her effective works being done. Being a political Philosopher her social works were incredible. Professor Bennett specializes in political theory: ecological philosophy, art and politics, American political thought, political rhetoric and persuasion, and contemporary social theory. Her book Vibrant Matter is a stand alone work and an unique writing. Jane Bennett’s Vibrant Matter is an important work, linking critical movements in recent Continental philosophy. This is an elegant book and it really gives itself over to descriptions of how matter moves us as much as anything else. The description of democracy, I think, gives us up to thinking of the demos in an innovative way, since how the demos act, seemingly out of the blue, has thrown thinkers of individual free will and so on into fits for centuries.

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  1. This presentation was really well organized and I think Bennett’s take on humanity and how humans interact with inanimate objects is really fascinating.

  2. I believe philosophy as a subject isn’t really valued as much as I personally think it should be so when I saw your presentation was on a book written by Jane Bennet, I got eager to learn more. I found the topic of human interaction with inanimate objects extremely perplexing and intriguing as I don’t often think about that topic, so it really drew me in to wanting to lear more about this particular philosophy. I really enjoyed!

  3. Thank you for giving this wonderful presentation. Vibrant Matter is definitely way different than what I am used to when learning about feminism. Reading Vibrant Matter did leave me a little unsure, but your presentation gave me some clarity !

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