Blog Post 10: Cultural Wars

Hey Queens !

It’s all about Cultural wars this week … society seems to think we have paved a way for woman to have equality but that just isn’t the case . There are still many things to fight for with that being said what are some woman right struggles that we go through Susan Fauldi makes the claim that woman’s rights have “ progressed” to an extent but the fight is truly is far from over . What are some woman’s rights that we struggle for instance is the lack of woman in power . Sure we have representation but From corporate boardrooms, to the courts and political leadership around the world, the lack of women in senior positions  . There is also a great deal of sexism, racism and economic inequality which if you ask me is part of the reason why we don’t have the amount of represents and although woman are still working their jobs mostly entails something that’s o the feline side I feel like we as woman should internalize that we have a lot of overcoming to come but this shouldn’t discourage us . It should just make us want to make a difference one day we’ll all get it and when do that will truly be the biggest win in woman’s history .